De Surin Spa | Our Signature Bamboo Treatment
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Our Signature Bamboo Treatment

12 Feb Our Signature Bamboo Treatment

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“De Surin Bamboo Massage”and shoulders.of less stress to the practitioner’s hands, wrists, benefit their hands as much, this can have the added using are not the use of bamboo canes. As the therapists can incorporate the hand, all technique and modalities cane is used instead of found in this modality. As the benefits of general massage are to deeper level when the cane is warmed. muscles and the cane is used to focus on knots. way to Stone Massage. Hands are used to work The effect from this technique works in a very  replaces this technique.elbow to wrist, however, the use of the bamboo cane from Massage practitioners often use the whole arm of massage. his technique uses the general principle Teasing of knots. assists in the release of tension and is then kneaded, which with their hands. The musclethe same strokes they would use over the muscle with cane is held by the therapists and rolled hands, and it is able to give a deeper, firmer The technique of the bamboo canes replaces the  The treatment is currently gaining popularity massage. They are used as a tool in all modalities that are warmed to be used at room temperature inA Bamboo Massage is the use of hollow bamboo